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A Journey of Opportunities and Success.

An enabler of the excellent and sustainable designs that creates a definite value for our customers and embraces their Brand Worth. Whites International is a team Passionate for innovation and Quality. If you need to judge us on anything, that would be our ability to excel.

Since the inception we are committed to providing increasingly environment friendly products and solutions which enable our customers to meet ambitious sustainability. Strategically located to help us serve globally, thereby making us the favored partner by most of our customers. Well, we never delay our Commitment, Never Ever.

Your Brand Takes the Limelight

Products so well designed
that they put Brands at the Spotlight.

Visi Coolers

Chest Freezers


The Winning Edge

We strengthen it throughout with our Merchandizing capabilities, the Technical Excellence and the Sustainability Leadership.

Merchandizing Capabilities

— Customization that Drives Impulse Demand
— Highly focused, Cost-Efficient LED illumination
— Interactive Coolers
— Low Noise & Ideal Temperature

Technical Excellence

— Robust Product Quality
— Maintenance-free & Easy servicing
— Best-in-class Integrated Services

Sustainability Leadership

— Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP)
— Green Refrigerants
— Lower Energy and Reduced Carbon Footprint

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Let’s Embark on a journey of Brand Enhancement, Sustainability and Innovation.
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